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Blooming Eternity

Posted by Team TNTCO on

Blooming Eternity

The latest collection "Blooming Eternity" is somehow paying tribute to our past collections related to flora, such as "Seed, Bloom, Wilt", the collaboration with Flowerboy and so on. From the previous collection "Seed, Bloom, Wilt" which is emphasizing the stages of life cycle, "Blooming Eternity" is more like an ultimate goal of keeping the passion and moving forward constantly in our life. Blooming eternally is normally described in the fairytales and myths, somehow unrealistic. Sceneries like Secret Garden or Evergarden portray the beauty of nature and eternity, in which it is always about appreciating the magnificent moments. The concept is also visually applied in the pop-up store at Isetan Lot 10 KL, with the reference from Evergarden using cold tone colors and some hints of bright flowers. Items ranged from tees, shorts, to hoodies, the collection is available now 🍃🌼

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