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Chained Dream Collection Lookbook

Posted by Team TNTCO on

Chained Dream Collection Lookbook

We’re all taught to have dreams, to have goals, to be ambitious and to do whatever we want to. But in reality can all these really be fulfilled? What if one day you realised that your dreams are being chained down? Like an anchor holding down a ship with the weight of the chain suppressing your dreams?

In this drop, the designer’s message is being interpreted in a few extraordinary ways. For instance, the chained logo tee features a heat sensitive print on the back which changes colour with heat and then back to its original state. Could the heat be our dreams and the environment be the anchor weighing down on us?

We’ll leave all these to your imagination because after all we believe one’s mindset is the key to resolve this conflict.

Shop our chained dreams collection now on our website and list of selected retailers.

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