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"Seed, Bloom, Wilt" Collection

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"Seed, Bloom, Wilt" Collection

Tupac Shakur famously said, “Long live the rose that grew from concrete when no one else even cared.” While the words of the late West Coast rapper represented the way that someone can become something great even though the person comes from an unrecognized place or an unlikely background for success, we interpret those words as the power of observing how greatness can grow at its own pace, uniquely through one’s own efforts, regardless of where one is rooted at.

And that’s pretty much the essence of how most clothing brands in Malaysia came about — each with its own unique story and background, its own special journey, growing against all odds in this creative and competitive field where hundreds of other brands are blooming together. We look across this field of beautiful blooming flowers with joy and pride, filled with inspiration. And the old Chinese saying comes to mind — “Flowers of every kind, in bloom together.” That’s what the Malaysian clothing scene is to us: a beautiful field of flowers blooming together, each flower blooming in its own special way.

It’s not about how big a flower blooms, or how fast it grows and unfurls its pretty petals. It’s about observing the process it takes, how the roots dig deep into the surface of the earth while the stems reach upwards towards the sky of dreams, the dance of the leaves as they twirl around seeking the sunshine for inspiration, until the long-awaited bud finally peeks through and grows into a unique, beautiful, and complete flower, announcing to the world its arrival. And although the petals don’t last forever, the lingering scent of the flower is enough to inspire the minds of those around it.

Inspired by the life cycle of a thousand blooming flowers and the blooming Malaysian clothing brand community, TNTCO presents an exclusive capsule release aptly named “Seed, Bloom Wilt” — featuring a collection of graphic t-shirts, hoodies, sweat shorts, a button-up shirt, and a tote bag.

Available now on our webstore and selected retailers.



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