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TNTCO | Ultraman: Nostalgic Resurgence

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TNTCO | Ultraman: Nostalgic Resurgence

TNTCO, a renowned fashion brand in Malaysia, in a groundbreaking partnership with Ultraman, today unveils the "Ultraman: Nostalgic Resurgence" fashion collection. This alliance represents a unique blend of Japanese superhero culture and modern style.

The "Ultraman: Nostalgic Resurgence" collection is a testament to the enduring legacy of Ultraman, reimagined through the lens of TNTCO. This collection bridges generations, celebrating the timeless appeal of Ultraman with a fresh, playful twist.

The collection features a range of apparel that includes t-shirts, Hawaiian shirts, shorts, hoodies, sukajan jackets, Muay Thai pants, and a turntable slipmat, each piece showcasing the iconic imagery and motifs of Ultraman. The designs are infused with TNTCO's signature streetwear aesthetics, offering a perfect blend of nostalgia and modern fashion trends.

The "Ultraman: Nostalgic Resurgence" collection will be available for purchase at select stores and online at www.tntco.co. To celebrate the launch, TNTCO will host an exclusive camping event on 30th January 2024 for a private premiere for friends and family, featuring interactive displays and a first look at the collection at Camp Lù Yīng, a special camping ground set on the hilltops right on the shoreline of clouds.

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