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TNTCO x Hikari Riders

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TNTCO x Hikari Riders
TNTCO is joining forces with Hikari Riders, the brainchild of Malaysian Rockstar Noh Salleh, for a collection that's more than just about clothes. Dubbed "Bringing Unity And Hope To All", the collection aims to be a beacon of light in challenging times. Noh Salleh, known for his musical prowess, has seamlessly transitioned into the fashion world with Hikari, bringing with him a touch of rockstar flair and a unique perspective on streetwear. This collaboration is a testament to the brands' shared vision of fostering unity and hope. While both brands have their unique aesthetics and ethos, this collection sees a seamless blend of both worlds. Expect to see TNTCO's signature minimalist designs intertwined with Hikari Riders' edgy and futuristic motifs inspired by Noh's musical journey. The collection boasts a range of apparel, from tees to cardigan and jackets. One of the standout pieces includes a varsity jacket embroidered with the phrase "Bringing Unity And Hope To All" , symbolizing the collection's core message. In a joint statement, the brands expressed, "In these trying times, fashion can be a medium to convey powerful messages. With 'Bringing Unity And Hope For All', we aim to inspire and remind everyone that together, we can overcome any challenge." The collection is set to drop on [specific date], and given the buzz around this collaboration, it's expected to fly off the shelves. It will be available on both TNTCO's and Hikari Riders' official websites, as well as select stockists nationwide.

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