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Hi everyone, this is @deckson from TNTCO. Due to the epidemic situation, we may not be able to travel for a while. Therefore, I flipped through my album and I would like to share my thoughts and experience with y‘all.


The epidemic has suppressed everything about us, including the things we love. For me, traveling isn’t just about exploring the world. I get to know about different standards, different social orders,  even different attitudes towards life.



Would you often recall the memories after the trip? Your feel during the trip, your thoughts, or even just a picture of your friend? It’s also the case in life, we might not recall boring things.




What in the world limits us? Is this world, or do we choose to restrict ourselves?



Whether the idea and production can be executed side by side depends on how much you care about the details.




These photos are the main focus of my trip, and you can see the fine line between expectation and disappointment. I wonder if you have felt this before?




The above is what I think travel means to me, then what does travel mean to you? Share with us!

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