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"DYSTOPIAS" Collection

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"DYSTOPIAS" Collection

Dystopia, also known as Cacotopia or Anti-Utopia, is a concept portraying a society or community with fear and disaster. It is also frequently used in post-apocalyptic fiction with dark and cold color tone, abandoned cities and so on.

The Dystopias Collection is using "Dystopia" as the main theme leading different elements such as techno music, graffiti, coordinate, warning signs and many more. The concept is also inspired by styles like psychedelic, Y2K and also 90s vintage graphics as the collection is using heatmap, brain waves, metallic chrome, grunge graphics as design elements.

Techno music style is also playing an important role in this collection as the style itself is established from Detroit in the late 1980s. The fall of Berlin Wall is somehow reflecting Dystopia's scenario and the concept and vibe are relevant as well. The selection of techno music also indicates the influence of urban and underground culture where graffiti, blueprints, and stickers are highly related to the culture too.

The Dystopia Collection is now available on our website www.tntco.co and selected retailers🚨

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