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TNTCO x One Piece

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TNTCO x One Piece



In an exhilarating union of style and storytelling, TNTCO proudly announces its latest collaboration with the global phenomenon - the anime series One Piece. Known for its innovative and rebellious spirit, TNTCO ventures into the world of this renowned series, crafting a collection that pays homage to the gripping 'Land of Wano' episode, resonating with our bold and audacious ethos.

The TNTCO x One Piece collection emerges as a distinctive narrative, weaving our contemporary streetwear aesthetics with the rich tapestry of the 'Land of Wano' arc. The designs embody a unique blend of the saga’s rustic elegance and our unconventional approach to fashion. Each piece, from the tees to the jackets, is a statement, fusing iconic elements of the 'Land of Wano' with TNTCO's urban style. The standout piece features a striking image of Luffy in his Wano attire, capturing the very spirit of our fearless experimentation and creative exploration.

We believe this collection serves as a bridge between two compelling narratives – the rebellious spirit of streetwear and the exhilarating world of One Piece. We invite our patrons to experience this bold blend of fashion and fantasy, a testament to our commitment to pushing boundaries and blazing new trails. Embrace the TNTCO x One Piece collection, and join us on this unforgettable style journey.

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