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FFS "For Formalities Sake"

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FFS "For Formalities Sake"

As TNTCO slowly shifts and expands its tone and image to a clothing brand closer to lifestyle on daily routine, it aims to create and tell more stories with the releasing of collections and the idea behind it. At the point of balancing in between different aspects, the main theme of "For Formalities Sake" is about the coming of age.

Currently positioning in the era with range of audiences from students to adults who might just stepped into the corporate environment, "For Formalities Sake" is trying to combine formal wear with the tone of streetwear which mainly represents what TNTCO is with the years of establishment. Even coming to the little detail, the collection name "For Formalities Sake" also delivers a hue of playfulness from TNTCO as a brand which constantly aims to break the barriers and definitions. In short, "For Formalities Sake" presents the idea of "Not quite ready to be an adult yet but needing to play the part".

The collection maintains some of TNTCO’s brand identity of being somewhat rebellious and playful while being
sophisticated. The playfulness appears in subtle ways such as the paint splashes, unique pockets, embroidery detailing, unique labels placements and so on. The blend shows the versatility and availability to wear the items of the collection in any occasions.

"For Formalities Sake" collection is available in-stores and online starting 28/7/2022.


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