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TNTCO x ForceParkBois

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TNTCO x ForceParkBois
The movement of TNTCO continuously supporting the local culture is still in the long term development as it is also the spirit and values that TNTCO is trying to present. Therefore, the latest collaboration pays homage to music, in collaboration with a local hip-hop group, ForceParkBois (FPB). The rap group from Taman Daya, Johor Bahru has also steadily built and developed their achievements by dropping hits such as Lotus, Public Enemy, Ultra, and making different collaborations with other local artists to reach a wider audience group.

The collaboration kickstarts with 2 phases based on the collections. The first collection is an exclusive collaboration between TNTCO and FPB, varying from a series of football jerseys, windbreaker, shorts and accessories. The series is dedicated to present the vibe of the group and their audiences as well. Using different hues of blue also enhances the layer and vibrance of the whole collection. On the other hand, the second collection is an official merchandise collaboration for their upcoming album. Taking a really different attempt from the first collection, "Thanks 4 The Wait" is a collection with a black tee and hoodie with reflective logo and wordings. The items with minimal logo at front and bold wording at back minimally deliver the vibe of FPB as a hip-hop group.

The collection officially serves as a debut of the bond between two local parties, and more to come very soon.

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