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TNTCO x Against LAB x KL Aseel

Posted by Team TNTCO on

TNTCO x Against LAB x KL Aseel

The movement in conjunction between KL Aseel, TNTCO & Against Lab represents the spirit of dedication and determination for the local parties to support each other, and it is more about the same direction the three parties have to strive forward and achieve all the goals.

From jerseys, short sleeves to long sleeves with their logos on the items, the collection also stretches the diversity of apparel in the basketball scene. The exclusive collection also presents the core of pride and honour for KL Aseel, TNTCO & Against Lab representing Malaysia as a brand / team. Throughout the years, the three parties are constantly leaping forward and doing better to improve the standards and values.

With the support from each other, TNTCO, Against Lab & KL Aseel aim to become the elites in the market which also represents Malaysia.

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