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TNTCO x Zeus Bikes

Posted by Team TNTCO on

TNTCO x Zeus Bikes

In conjunction of SneakerLAH 2022, TNTCO have collaborated with homegrown brand of electric bike - Zeus of an extensive collection including apparels and an actual electric bike.

The concept of the collaboration is portrayed with a survival mode of game. From starting off with nothing to collecting different equipments, players get to achieve different objectives and win the game.

It also interprets the spirit and value of this collaboration in the terms of hustling and fighting for better things in our life. With the resources we had from our family when we were born, it is about the determination and dedication of striving through the challenges and difficulties to achieve more and better for our future.

Ever since we started our brand in 2013, this collaboration between TNTCO and Zeus proudly presents our very first military styled collection.

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