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"NOTEWORTHY" Notebook Collection

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"NOTEWORTHY" Notebook Collection

TNTCO presents a collection of 6 notebooks, each serving a different purpose for every day note-taking and journaling. In a time where every aspect of our lives are digitised and electronically-dependant, we are bringing back the (almost) lost art of putting pen to paper — be it in the form of journaling, minute-taking, vacation itenerary planning, or general sketching. 


The “NOTEWORTHY” collection is available as a set of 6 different themed notebooks, and each book is also available for purchase individually. The notebook collection features a meeting notebook, a daily planner, a diary journal, a sketch book, a travel planner, and a general journal.



  • A5 Note Book for your meeting minutes.
  • Hard Cover with Velvet Lamination
  • Content Material : 80gsm Simili
  • Binding : Sewing binding + Elastic Band


The TNTCO “NOTEWORTHY” notebook collection is now available online on the TNTCO store and selected stockists nationwide.





Product Descriptions:



Nothing beats a quick scribble to jot down all the important details during meetings, brainstorms, or interviews. Not only will you show more character by sticking to pen and paper, you’d never have to worry about having to sit near a power outlet either.



Keep your future plans in check with this handy planner, or flip back to the yesterdays to check if past goals have been met. After all as the saying goes, failing to plan is planning to fail. And nobody got time for that.



Good days may be fun, but bad days make great stories. Chronicle your daily shenanigans with this handy pocket diary so you can reminisce on today, tomorrow.



Never underestimate the power of putting pen to paper when an idea hits you. Every great invention, innovation, or product begins with a simple sketch — and the rest, as they say, is history.



In a world where travel and vacation has become synonymous with social media check-ins and feed content, take a step back and unplug yourself from the digital world by planning your holiday trips around the real world the offline way — with this handy physical planner that will never run out of battery or need a WiFi signal.



Grocery lists. Interview notes. World domination plans. Debt collection. Your biography. Names you can’t seem to remember. Autographs. Blueprints. Secret phone book. Hit list. Bitcoin passwords. Diet plans. Love letters. Thesis planning. Cheat codes. Emergency protocols. Anything. Everything. Whenever. Whatever.


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