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An unprecedented New Year calls for unprecedented celebrations.


While we usher in the Year of the Ox (mostly at home), we’re celebrating the Dragon and the Phoenix this year — because amidst the doom and gloom of a worldwide pandemic with no end in sight, we believe that just like the Phoenix, life will find a way.


A way to flourish.


A way to resurrect.


A way to emerge from the ashes, stronger and wiser than before. 


An exclusive release in conjunction with Lunar New Year, the TNTCO 2021 CNY Collection features a series of t-shirts and outerwear with bold, vibrant, and intricate Dragon and Phoenix graphics and embroidery — an ode to the wisdom and power of the Dragon, and the symbols of hope and rebirth of the Phoenix, elements that inspire us to push ourselves through these troubled times. 


So here’s to celebrating power, wisdom, and strength to succeed and prosper — as well as celebrating revival, resurrection, and most importantly, hope, as we usher in a Lunar New Year unlike any other.


The TNTCO 2021 CNY Collection is available on our webstore and at selected retailers now.



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