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It’s undeniable that we are at a point in history where the word “unprecedented” has not only been tossed around endlessly, it has also become an understated descriptor to illustrate how foreign everything seems to be at this present moment in time.






These are the words that have been made familiar over the course of the recent year that passed, forming an incessant rallying cry for us to break free from the mould that shaped us, overhaul the system that we’ve been far too comfortable with, and unearth new ideas, experiences, and solutions, that will shape the changes we need to make in order to grow and transform as we ride out this paradigm shift in our reality.


They say change is the only constant, but we believe that change is but a small spoke on an ever-moving wheel that we ride on our journey in life. Like the words of the prophets that were written on the subway walls, social media, and across virtual meetings globally this year, the time has come to revamp, pivot, evolve, and restructure.


For restructuring gives us the power to shift our routes to a journey that we have yet to experience, territories we have yet to discover, and visions we have yet to foresee.


TNTCO presents: “RESTRUCTURE”, the sophomore release of the “Cynic’s Vision” collection, the second of a three-part release, following the initial launch of “REFORM” back in November 2020. The “RESTRUCTURE” collection continues to feature fresh interpretations of graphic tees, sweatshirts, and outerwear, and is now available on our webstore and selected retailers.


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