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Cynic's Vision Collection

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Cynic's Vision Collection
After the launch of the collection with the misspelled wordings, TNTCO is back with another collection named "Cynic's Vision"(Hopefully there were no typo lol). 
There will be a total of 3 phases for the launches, which is Reform, Restructure, rebirth and the "Cynic's Vision" collection represents the concept of "Reform".
Reform essentially means to fundamentally make changes and alterations to what may be incorrect, unethical, inadequate, fraudulent and etcetera.
This collection of design is rather a visual interpretation of what may seem incoherent in today’s society with the focus on Malaysia’s social and cultural issues wrapped up in a rather fun and pop culture stylistic approach.
The method towards these designs began primarily with a concept and then branched out towards issues mentioned previously while adhering to boundaries such as censorship and the sensitivity of the public. There is no specific design style used nor is there anything in-depth about the concept but just concerns and fleeting thoughts that appear to local citizens every now and then.
The longing for wanting things to change, the critical aspect of knowing what the issues are but also recognising that there are limitations towards this ideal.
The concept of collection are mainly interpreted in graphic tees and also outer wears, it's now available on our webstore.




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