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The “Enternal” Verity Collection

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The “Enternal” Verity Collection

No, this is not a deliberate mistake but instead a real misspelled word in our main phrase of our collection which is printed on most of our products in our latest collection. Notice how the word “Eternal” was misspelled as “Enternal” in the phrase “The Eternal Verity”.

It was unfortunate that the mistake happened but we were also surprised that nobody in the team realized it from the sampling stage until the final outcome was delivered. In fact, the mistake was pointed out by our photographer after the photoshoot of the collection. (Yes, nobody mentioned about it during the shoot too)

It is what it is, just like a line from the movie TENET : “What’s happened, happened”. Since the mistake has been made, we have decided to release the collection with the misspelled words and we take it as an opportunity to commemorate what has happened in the year “2020”.

2020 is indeed a year full of ups and downs for us. Our “Chinese New Year” collection released earlier this year was a massive success, we thought that it will be a prosperous year for us and next thing you know here comes Covid-19. Just when we thought there was nothing much could be done, we got an opportunity to open up our new store at a location that we look forward to expanding for ages, and who knows the second wave of Covid-19 came right after our 2nd store’s launch and we were preparing for the opening of our 3rd store which we are forced to open since we have signed the contract before the second wave hits. What a roller coaster ride!

For those who purchase our product in this collection, you are the one who stayed with us not only when we were boomin, but also the fuck ups that we are facing. We believe that everything in life has a certain fluctuation, and everything happens for a reason.

Year 2020 is hard for everyone, by releasing the “misspelled collection” we hope to motivate everyone who is having hard times to stay strong and face their challenges with a positive mindset.

Ladies and gentlemen, here we present The “Enternal” Verity Collection. Available tomorrow (7th October 2020) online and in store.


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