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TNTCO "Upcycle" Collection

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TNTCO "Upcycle" Collection

They say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, and that rings true for TNTCO’s co-founder, Deckson, whose parents also used to run a clothing manufacturing business back in the day — long before Deckson ventured into his own apparel business, the TNTCO that we know of today.


While Deckson might’ve taken for granted growing up around excess pieces of clothing from his parents’ clothing manufacturing days when he was a kid, the resurgence of vintage and 90’s fashion appreciation has inspired him and the team at TNTCO to relook into this unassuming source of inspiration and reappropriating all the deadstock clothing left behind from the heydays of the business into something new. 


Not content with simply re-releasing “retro” pieces of clothing under the TNTCO label, the team launched a full-on upcycling programme — breaking down and cutting up various pieces of vintage apparel ranging from corduroy jeans to stone-washed jackets, and recreating them as all-new products to not only breathe new life into the quality materials that were left to waste for years, but to also pay homage to the heritage of apparel manufacturing that Deckson has inherited and incorporated into what TNTCO is today.


In today’s modern world where scores of traditional businesses are dying off due to the lack of interest from the next generation, or due to the impact of new technology and business advancements, TNTCO aims to highlight the importance of preserving and remembering the heritage of previous generations that inevitably shaped who we are today with this exclusive “Heritage Homage” collection, in hopes that more people will strive to carry on the legacies of the previous generations.


The first drop of TNTCO “UPCYCLE” capsule collection is available exclusively on our webstore and at selected retailers now while stocks last.

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