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TNTCO x Birdycantfly "The Past Was Once Our Future"

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TNTCO x Birdycantfly "The Past Was Once Our Future"

After for more than a year of preparation, we can finally proudly announce our project with Malaysia's very own creative content creator Nelson a.k.a Birdycantfly for our collaborative project.

Titled as "The Past Was Once Our Future", the collection focuses on the concept of "timelessness. And here's what Nelson's take on it: 

Ascending beyond trends is not achieved by disregarding time. To consider a moment we have once experienced to guide us towards where we want to be gives context and puts meaning into time.

The idea of what was once considered the future is more telling of our past than words do. Visions of flying cars, robot servants and innocuous daydreams all connote glimmers of hope towards the future, resourcefully crafted from the realms of what we know.

The photographs deeply ingrained in my mind, the records I’ve put on repeat, the characters and their plots I have lived vicariously through my screen have all informed my present and the future I am painting. My namesake is not of a flightless bird with a sealed fate, but of a hot-blooded spirit with an eagerness to take off into the boundless skies at the right time. While I consider the past as a wealth of knowledge, I understand that it is never a destination to overstay.

The future is uncertain
The future is informed by our past
The future is invigorating
The future is not science fiction
The future is happening again and again and again
The future is now our present

The collection fuses the photographs from the photoshoot session initiated for this project, as well as with the final touch of 3D rendering into our products.

All the products are now available in store and online.


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