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After working with Moog Studios for the visuals of the Code Name 117 Collection, we have teamed up again and this time it's for an entire collection named ANA:LOGUE.

ANA:LOGUE is a collection of T-Shirts with Sci-Fi inspired graphics, re-imagining how the world is like, and how TNTCO is like in year 2077:


In year 2077, TNTCO started making acquisitions on Robotic Companies and has evolved into an organisation, venturing into development and production of robotics, mainly focusing on neuroprosthetic research that merges together with the Brain Computer Interfaces (BCI) technology.

TNTCO’s mission from the early days was always to embrace the human race’s self confidence. In this current era of unpredictable environments, TNTCO’s prosthesis has developed solutions to assist those in public safety, security and disaster recovery. It gave confidence to people who went through amputation, by allowing the unfortunates to participate in full-range of normal responsibilities, to walk and hold without any perceptible limb, and also to be engaged in recreational and sport activities. These bionic replacements does not only repair humans, but also making them better by enhancing performances.


The collection features four graphic tees, two oversized tees and one puzzle. Each of the tees stands for an invention that we create to help the human nature in year 2077, such as SECRA, N.E.U.R.A.L, R.P.A and more. 

Although the collection has a strong futuristic element in it, it is no doubt that we are indeed facing something similar in the present day. The fashion scene now for instance. Therefore, we have taken this opportunity to voice out to audience about fashion right now, and how we are doing our part to contribute into it.

The new collection is now available online and in-store, check out the lookbook below: 

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