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Behind the Collection (BTC): Outbreak Collection

Posted by Team TNTCO on

Behind the Collection (BTC): Outbreak Collection

Have you ever imagined that one day, almost everyone is infected by a virus outbreak. What can we do if we are not a carrier and how can we stay out of the virus? Have you ever thought that someone knew that it was a virus but they are still going for it like moths to a flame? That's pretty much like our fashion scene now isn't it?

Almost everyone in the young generation is so into it and people are spending fortune amount to dress themselves up. But turn out not everyone is doing it in right way. There are so many people jumping on the bandwagon, and follow the trends blindly. They are wearing what people are wearing, spending money on what the others are buying just to prove that they are on trend, or what we called "hype".

We imagined that the whole phenomenon as a virus breakout. If people mentioned above are all turned into zombies, what should we do, and what do we need to keep our brains safe? And base on these imaginations, here is how the Outbreak Collection is made.



我們的團隊吧這些現象都想象成瘟疫爆發。如果上述的人都變成了喪尸,那我們需要什麼,或做些什麼來保護我們的腦袋?基於這些天馬行空的想象,我們就設計及推出了 Outbreak 系列,來抒發我們內心想說的話。

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