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"Wooden Dragon" Collection

Posted by Team TNTCO on

"Wooden Dragon" Collection

The Wooden Dragon Collection makes a bold entrance, merging the dynamic Chinese Dragon Dance with the enigmatic Malay Wayang Kulit, redefining Lunar New Year fashion.

Centered around the dragon, symbolizing strength and prosperity, each piece radiates with vibrant colors and patterns that echo the creature's vitality. The collection goes beyond mere aesthetics, incorporating elements of Malay Wayang Kulit, thus creating a captivating blend of tradition and modernity. These designs bring to life the art of shadow play, adding depth and narrative to every garment.

This collection transcends traditional fashion, harmoniously combining the vigorous Dragon Dance and the intricate Wayang Kulit. Each item is a celebration of heritage, reimagined for contemporary tastes.

As the Lunar New Year draws near, the CNY Collection 2024 stands out as a symbol of elegance and rich heritage. It invites wearers to celebrate with styles that embody the vibrancy and dynamism of the season, perfect for those who cherish tradition while embracing the modern world.

The collection is now available for purchase online & in-store.

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